The first turbine is standing tall and proud at the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm in Victoria, the first of 149 Goldwind turbines to be installed at the site.

The towers are made of five sections and reach 110 metres. The blades are 68.5 metres long and a completed turbine stands 180 metres tall at the blade tip.

“Construction at Stockyard Hill Wind Farm is progressing well, and the wind turbine installations will now be ongoing. Construction is due for completion in 2020,” said Goldwind project director for Stockyard Hill Wind Farm Andrew Monahan.

Construction of Stockyard Hill Wind Farm project commenced in June 2018. About 250 staff are on site, with up to 300 staff expected during construction peaks.

Six of the permanent maintenance staff for the project have already been engaged, with up to 25 permanent maintenance staff required once the wind farm is complete.

Once operational, Stockyard Hill Wind Farm will produce clean energy to power approximately 391,000 Victorian homes.