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EVOS installs first Australian-made EV fleet charger in Queensland

Electric vehicle fleet energy management and charging company EVOS has installed the first Australian-manufactured home and fleet EV charger in Queensland.

The Brisbane-based company has unveiled the EVOS Fleet Home 22 AC Charger in Maroochydore, and it’s now available for sale to the public.

The milestone installation features the company’s patented Energy Management Software, which chooses the optimum idle time to charge the EV, either overnight in non-peak periods or during business hours.

It can also manage its charge rate, speed and power to ensure owners control its energy output.

“One of the key benefits of owning an electric vehicle is reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and recharging at home or at work,” says EVOS CEO and co-founder Marcelo Salgado.

“To make the most of this convenience, people need to be able to charge at home at greater speed than is available from a standard home plug, and also manage when they recharge to keep their electricity bills as low as possible. Our charger and its software addresses those issues.”

The EVOS Fleet Home 22 AC Charger delivers up to 22kW of power for up to 120km range. Photo: EVOS.

EVOS is a company on the rise. It will hire 26 new staff during the next 12 months.

“We’re proudly Australian owned, with an Australian-designed charger that’s manufactured in Brisbane,” says Salgado.

“We want people to get involved and be part of something innovative and exciting in a sector set to skyrocket in the years to come.”

The easy-to-install EVOS Fleet Home 22 AC Charger delivers up to 22kW of power, which can provide the average EV with as much as 120km range.

It retails for $2200.

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