With current fuel prices at unprecedented highs, focus is turning to alternate transport solutions in Australia, with a push for motorists to make the switch to electric vehicles (EV) for the sake of the environment and their hip pockets.

Evie Networks is a provider of ultra-fast EV charging stations around Australia, and the company is urging car owners to use the current fuel price hike as the catalyst to go electric.

Evie Networks CEO Chris Mills says he expects a recent funding boost for charging infrastructure on major highways and at tourist attractions in Victoria will further accelerate EV uptake in the state.

With co-funding from the Victorian Government, Evie Networks is planning to deploy new publicly available EV fast-charging stations in 55 towns and communities throughout rural and regional Victoria.

“Since the Easter long weekend in 2019, when Australians could travel restriction-free, EV uptake has increased four-fold, and Victoria is at the forefront of this transition,” says Mills.

Evie Networks already operates charging stations in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, and 20 regional Victorian towns throughout the Loddon-Mallee and Hume regions. The company also has plans to expand coverage throughout the Mornington Peninsula-Melbourne-Geelong metropolitan area.

This metropolitan charging network expansion is supported by the Federal Government’s Future Fuels Fund.

“According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, seven of the top 10 suburbs for EV uptake in Australia are in Victoria, with inner-city Melbourne taking top place,” says Mills. “One in 1105 people in Victoria currently own an EV.

“No matter where you live, everyone should be confident to buy an EV because of access to reliable fast charging – not just city dwellers.

“The Federal Government’s Future Fuels Fund program will provide excellent coverage in high-population metropolitan areas, and the Victorian Government’s Destination Charging Across Victoria program ensures regional communities also enjoy strong EV charging coverage.

“This shift is happening quickly so it’s our priority to work with regional areas to ensure they can meet the coming demand.

“Our site partners – from shopping centres and fuel stations, to local councils, hospitality and tourism operators – understand chargers are a necessity.”

Powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, Evie Networks’ charging stations feature a Tritium 50kw fast charger that can add up to 50km of range in around 10 minutes.

Evie Networks is planning to roll out 158 new charging station sites in the next two years.