Simon Hackett, Executive Chairman of Redflow, has been announced as opening panel speaker at the 2016 Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition, to be held at Sydney’s Australian Technology Park on June 1-2.

Mr Hackett will be joined by James Myatt, Mojo Power CEO and Co-Founder; Kobad Bhavnagri, Head of Australia, Bloomberg New Energy Finance; and Mark Higgins, Chief Operating Officer, Strategen, and Senior Advisor to California Energy Storage Alliance, for a panel entitled ‘Disruption Driving the New Energy Grid’.

Questions will be invited from the audience and this debate will set the scene for the important two-day event. To register for the conference, view the dedicated energy-storage exhibition and attend the free industry workshops, visit




The co-located Renewable Cities Australia Forum will be opened by Simon Corbell MLA, Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, ACT.

The ACT government has boosted its commitment to renewable energy by not only bringing their renewable targets forward by four years, but also announcing Canberra will be powered fully by renewables by this time. Last week, Mr Corbell announced the territory’s revised target of 100 per cent renewable by 2020, saying it will be both “achievable and affordable”.

Simon Corbell image“As leaders in the renewable-energy field, the ACT is reaping the environmental and economic benefits of decarbonisation,” said Mr Corbell.

“Not only are we providing clean power for the people of Canberra, we are also delivering jobs and economic benefits by securing $400 million in local investment through our reverse auction process. Being powered by 100 per cent renewables by 2020 places Canberra at the lead, both in Australia and internationally, of cities taking effective action on climate change.”

Mr Corbell is not only leading the implementation of the ACT renewable-energy program, supporting large-scale solar, wind and waste-to-energy generation, but is also implementing Canberra’s action plan on climate change, which aims to cut the national capital’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent by 2020.

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