The largest installation of Enphase Energy storage technology to date has been completed by Solaray Energy to complement a new rooftop solar PV at a students’ residence in Newtown, Sydney.

The project was partly funded by an Environmental Performance Innovation Grant from the City of Sydney in collaboration with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

The solar PV system was installed in a multi-unit residential building operated by the student housing co-operative, Stucco, making it one of the first multi-dwelling apartment buildings in the world to combine solar, storage and software-based energy management.

The installation includes 30kW of solar modules, 114 Enphase S230 Microinverters and 36 Enphase AC Batteries, for a total of 43.2kW of storage capacity.

An energy assessment conducted by Stucco estimates that the solar and storage system should provide up to 80% of energy requirements for its 40 residents.

Residents will benefit from individual metering capabilities set for each unit, receiving power bills for their consumption based on a Power Purchase Agreement model where electricity is resold to them by Stucco.

Nathan Dunn, managing director of Enphase Asia-Pacific said, “In addition to being the largest Enphase Storage System commissioned since the Enphase AC Battery was launched in Australia in August 2016, this project illustrates how solar and storage can co-exist in multi-unit residential buildings.”

The Stucco installation was overseen by Dr Bjorn Sturmberg and Louis Janse van Rensburg, project managers and former Stucco residents.

Dr Sturmberg said, “From the beginning, we set our hearts on breaking down the barriers that prevented Stucco’s residents from realising the benefits of solar and storage technology.”

“Stucco selected Enphase Energy because it is the only company that offers an integrated energy management solution, including solar generation and storage, along with energy management through its Enphase Enlighten app,” said Janse van Rensburg.

Stucco is a heritage listed building, and getting consent to install solar and storage enables further conversation aimed at delivering greater energy independence into many accommodation styles, said Solaray director Energy Jonathan Fisk.