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Engineering the energy transition

Engineers Australia’s 2024 Climate Smart Engineering Conference (CSE24) will tackle one of the biggest climate challenges: the clean energy transition.

 The global shift towards renewable energy sources is not just a change in the way we power our world; it’s a transformation that requires a re-evaluation and adjustment of everything from our technology to our workforce and skills.

The move from thermal energy sources to cleaner, greener technologies means the engineering sector must adapt and evolve, embracing the challenges and opportunities this brings.

The clean energy transition is the theme of the Engineers Australia Climate Smart Engineering Conference (CSE24) to be held in Brisbane on 22 August 2024. It’s an opportunity to hear from leading engineers, industry experts, academics, and policymakers, learn from successful technical solutions and strategies, and connect with peers.

The program for CSE24 is designed to address various aspects of the transition, emphasising the need for adaptability, innovation, and collaboration in the engineering community.

With representatives from Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), CSIRO, Energy Networks Australia, Fortescue Future Industries, GHD, Powerlink Australia and more, the program will discuss:

  • The role of digital technologies and AI in making energy systems smarter, more resilient and efficient
  • Opportunities to decarbonise Australia’s heavy industry and transport sector
  • Strategies for navigating the approval process for renewable energy projects
  • Systems-based approaches to building our future energy infrastructure

 With engineers and industry poised to play a major role in Australia’s clean energy transition, this conference is an opportunity to network, connect and collaborate to build a better and more sustainable world.

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