Enel Group has entered the Australian energy retail market with a renewable energy offering for commercial and industrial energy customers.

The “competitive” offering will draw on the company’s 350MW Virtual Power Plant (VPP) onsite battery energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging solutions to supply its customers with “up to 100 per cent renewable energy” contracts.

The retail energy licence was issued by the Australian Energy Regulator this week.

“As a vertically integrated retailer with wholly owned assets, and a global leader in demand response services through complementary digital technology platforms, Enel’s green retail offering will be unique in the marketplace,” Enel X head of Asia Pacific Jeff Renaud said.

Mr Renaud said that customers connected to the VPP can provide instant, dispatchable capacity to support the grid’s fluctuating power needs and generate a new revenue stream.

“The Enel retail offering will provide exclusive access to Enel Green Power’s innovative renewable energy mix,” Enel Green Power Australia country manager Werther Esposito said.

“As Enel’s customer base grows, so too will Enel Green Power’s diversified asset base which will directly service the growing demand.”

The offering will initially be isolated to commercial and industrial energy customers with the intention of expanding to residential customers down the line.

The healthy appetites of Australian energy customers for green energy offerings have recently been on display with Shell’s takeover of Powershop sparking backlash from customers unwilling to buy energy through the fossil fuel giant.

Photo: Enel Green Power Australia country manager Werther Esposito .