The Energy Networks Association (ENA) and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) have released an updated database of Australian and international renewable energy grid integration projects.

The Integrating Renewables into the Grid Stocktake catalogues 208 projects that add to Australia’s experience of integrating renewable energy into distribution networks. It effectively functions as a one stop shop for information on current projects, along with the outcomes of past efforts.

ENA Chief Executive John Bradley said there are tangible benefits to be gained from increasing integration of renewables into the network, but conceded that there were specific economic, technical and regulatory challenges.

“It’s critical that energy networks, the renewables sector, research institutions and technology developers collaborate to advance the evolution of the energy system,” Mr Bradley said.

ARENA is supporting the development, updating and online hosting of the stocktake. ARENA Chief Executive Ivor Frischknecht said enabling renewables and grids to work together effectively would be critical to increasing the supply of renewable energy in Australia.

“Our electricity grids and regulations were designed to cater for centralised power generation from large power plants.

“As more decentralised renewable energy comes online, there will be a myriad of challenges and opportunities for utilities, energy retailers and policymakers to work through.”

ARENA, ENA and other partners have worked together since the first release of the database in 2014 to ensure the stocktake remains relevant to interested industry stakeholders.