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Discover Growatt’s power solutions at All-Energy Australia 2023

With All-Energy Australia 2023 on this week, energy solutions company Growatt eagerly awaits visitors to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 25-26 October, 2023, at booth I113.

Growatt has introduced an energy storage system suitable for both residential and commercial applications, and the company has expanded its product line to include three-phase battery-ready solutions for users who embrace the battery-ready concept.

The MOD 3-10KTL3-XH (pictured, above) battery-ready inverter offers versatile solutions for various solar applications. It functions as a standard on-grid inverter with potential for battery integration and flexibility for energy storage.

With a discharge capacity ranging from 3kW to 10kW, it meets the power needs of most households, ensuring reliable power during peak usage.

Overall, the MOD 3-10KTL3-XH inverter is a flexible and efficient solution for solar energy generation and storage, making it an ideal choice for a range of scenarios.

In addition to the advanced inverter, Growatt has introduced the innovative APX high-voltage battery. It enables independent charging and discharging of individual modules, employing cutting-edge soft-switching parallel connection technology.

Safety is a paramount consideration in the battery’s design, featuring comprehensive protection mechanisms. The APX battery is IP66-rated for weather resistance and offers a flexible capacity ranging from 5kWh to 30kWh.

Notably, it supports the mixed use of old and new batteries within the same site, enhancing its adaptability and sustainability.

Growatt is also launching the EASE all-in-one energy storage solution, compatible with ALP low-voltage batteries. It comes with an IP66 rating, 5kWh per module, and a maximum capacity of 40kWh. The inverter included in the system has a maximum input current of 16A, a built-in UPS function, an integrated smart meter, and a 600V DC panel voltage.

Its all-in-one design reduces installation time while delivering exceptional performance at an affordable price point, and its high-energy density and resilient construction is capable of withstanding various weather conditions.

At All-Energy Australia, Growatt is launching a high-output hybrid inverter for commercial storage solutions with a capacity of up to 100kW. The WIT 50-100K-H commercial hybrid inverter features 10 MPPTs and 100 per cent unbalanced output in backup mode, with the ability to parallel three inverters on one site for a total capacity of 300kW output. This makes it a perfect solution for most commercial or small industrial sites.

The APX commercial battery is a perfect choice for use with the WIT inverter, with a capacity range between 129kWh and 200kWh.

Growatt will display a new line of portable power stations, including the Infinity 1500, Infinity 1300, and VITA 550 models, at All-Energy in Melbourne. These power stations feature a built-in bidirectional superfast charging function, allowing them to be charged to 80 per cent capacity in one hour.

They also serve as emergency power supply sources with an uninterruptible power supply function. The battery sizes for these models are 1512Wh, 1382Wh and 538Wh.

No matter what your solar system needs are, Growatt has a smart solution for you. The company invites guests to explore its tailored products at the exhibition.

Registration for All-Energy Australia is free and can be done here.

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