A technical issue that has thrown the solar industry into disarray is thankfully on track for resolution. 

The issue reportedly stemmed from new inverter standards that were introduced at the same time as changed certification and paperwork requirements for DC isolators.

The Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council issued the new rules affecting DC isolators, the safety switches in solar systems, which came into force in November.

Combined with the introduction of a new standard for inverters designed to make inverters more intelligent and help control fluctuations in the grid, due to come into force December 18, the new requirements were putting manufacturers under pressure to comply.

Clean Energy Council director distributed energy Darren Gladman said the risk was that manufacturers would be delayed by several months to supply a compliant product to market among other possible disruptions.

Now, according to the CEC, Energy Safe Victoria appears to have come up with a pathway that will give manufacturers another six months to demonstrate full compliance.

“Over the coming days, the CEC will work with the certifiers and regulators on the details and assure that other states follow suit accordingly,” the organisation said in a statement.

The Smart Energy Council has also been vocal on the issue. In a statement issued by chief executive John Grimes on Monday, he said that while the details of the solution have yet to be finalised, the issue is expected to be resolved by the end of the week.