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CRC awards Solar Analytics $1.9m for residential energy management system

Australian solar energy software provider Solar Analytics has attracted $1.9 million in grant funding from the Federal Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program to develop a solar monitoring platform to a smart home energy management system.

The software service will provide solar owners with greater visibility over their energy data and enable them to closely manage their energy usage, get more value from their system and drive down their electricity costs.

Solar Analytics will collaborate with a number of partners to deploy the software platform, including energy utilities Ergon Energy and SA Power Networks, and research partner UNSW. The Sydney-based company will also partner with fellow Australian energy technology companies Wattwatchers, SwitchDin and other local smart energy partners.

“The Smart Home Energy Management System will provide consumers with the holistic solution to maximise the value from their residential and commercial solar power system,” said Solar Analytics CEO Stefan Jarnason. “We want to make living a solar-powered life simple and rewarding.”

Solar Analytics provides solar energy management services for residential and commercial solar power system owners for more than 15,000 solar premises across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.


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