The APVI is calling for your perspective on the Australian PV market and the industry.

Each year, the APVI works with its members and the industry to prepare the comprehensive PV in Australia Report.

This report forms part of Australia’s commitment to the International Energy Agency program and the data provides for an invaluable record of industry development.

The results form the basis of local industry activity, planning and program development and also feed into a comprehensive international PV dataset, via the International Energy Agency PV Power Systems Programme.

Responses remain confidential and only aggregate results will be published in the PV in Australia 2015 report and in related reports.

You can read last year’s report here.

The report is supported by ARENA, the APVI and Sunwiz. This survey, the analysis and report is prepared by Warwick Johnson on behalf of the APVI and the IEA PV Power Systems programme.

The survey closes on Friday 6 May.

Access the survey here.

The APVI works with the IEA to prepare a number of reports on the industry:

• The most recent release was the international Snapshot Report for 2015, providing an early update on the 2015 market.
• A more comprehensive report on the Australia market, including inputs from this survey will be released in June.
• The International Trends in PV report that provides a comprehensive summary of international markets report follows in October.