Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator has given the green light for solar photovoltaic installations to be conducted by multiple installers, a significant change from previous requirements.

Under the new regulations, a Clean Energy Council accredited PV installer must be onsite during job setup, mid-installation and commissioning.

Agents and installers are required to provide concurrent evidence of the installer’s presence onsite through all the relevant phases of the installation as detailed in Clean Energy Council install and supervise guideline 6.1.3.

Selfie photographs are the typical evidence the agency expects to show compliance with this requirement. The Clean Energy Regulator will use this evidence when assessing the eligibility of an application for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC).

When it is not reasonable for a Clean Energy Council accredited installer to complete the whole installation, and the system will be registered as a Small Generation Unit for STCs, installers must ensure the following:

  • All installers, at all phases of the installation, have an electrical license – including contractor license as required by state law – and are Clean Energy Council accredited to install solar PV systems.
  • The Clean Energy Regulator must be notified in writing prior to the change of installer with details of the installation, details of each installer, and the rationale for the change of installer. The Clean Energy Regulator will consider the eligibility of each system on a case-by-case basis, including instances where it is not practical or possible for notification to be provided prior to the installation.
  • The approval to register the system given by the Clean Energy Regulator in writing is referenced in the notes field of the application.
  • Onsite evidence such as selfie photos must be collected from all accredited installers for your part of the installation by the agent. If the Clean Energy Regulator requests this evidence, it must be provided for all accredited installers. If it is not provided for all installers, the application may be failed.
  • The installer responsible for system commissioning has a responsibility to ensure all prior installation work is fully compliant, meets relevant standards and is conducted by accredited installers.
  • The installer who commissions the installation is required to sign the declaration for being onsite and will be listed as the responsible installer on the STC application form; registered as the installer in the REC Registry; and the contact person in the event of adverse findings during an inspection of the installation.