The Clean Energy Council has been appointed the administrator of the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC) for the next 10 years, until December 2033.

The NETCC will come into effect in February 2023 to set an industry-wide minimum standard of customer service for consumers seeking to purchase behind-the-meter industry products such as solar, battery energy storage systems, electric vehicle charging products and energy management systems and software.

The independent NETCC Council’s appointment is a strong endorsement of the Clean Energy Council’s capacity to administer the new industry initiative.

“This announcement by the NETCC Council follows significant ongoing work, resourcing and investment by the Clean Energy Council to prepare the NETCC for launch in February 2023, and we thank NETCC Council members for their confidence,” says Clean Energy Council chief executive Kane Thornton.

The NETCC Council comprises members of the former Behind-the-Meter Working Group and includes representatives from the Australian Energy Council, Smart Energy Council, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Consumer Action Law Centre, Energy Consumers Australia, Energy Networks Australia and Renew.

“The Clean Energy Council is dedicated to delivering the NETCC so our industry can give the Australian public confidence their rooftop solar system, battery, EV charger and other new energy tech products are provided by a retailer committed to the best standard of service within the industry,” says Thornton.

The appointment of the Clean Energy Council to administer the NETCC will ensure consistency of the new program, including through the education of consumers to make informed purchases of new energy tech products; supporting businesses to continually improve their sales and marketing practices; and operating a well-established and robust monitoring, compliance and enforcement regime.

The NETCC will be independently reviewed every three years.

The Clean Energy Council has shown a strong commitment to upholding standards in the clean energy industry through its management of the Installer Accreditation and Approved Solar Retailer programs, and this legacy is set to continue through the administration of the NETCC.