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Growatt, a leader in renewable energy, understands the vital role battery technologies play in energy storage, and how it will help drive the global renewable energy transition.

Growatt is helping pioneer innovation in renewable energy, blending global vision with local service excellence. With a commitment to advancing next-gen products, the company underscores its leadership in shaping the future of the industry.

Helping lead the way, Growatt entered the energy storage market in 2015 and launched residential energy storage solutions, for which it has continued to expand and build a smart energy ecosystem centred around energy storage.

Covering residential, commercial, microgrid and portable energy storage solutions, as well as smart energy management platform, Growatt’s comprehensive approach help meet the diverse energy storage needs across different markets and application scenarios.

Emphasising the critical importance of energy storage, the International Energy Agency reported that battery systems are indispensable for enabling the clean energy shift. Growatt has embraced this paradigm by adopting a forward-looking “global presence and localised service” strategy.

Growatt held ShineElite Roadshow in Myanmar. Image: Growatt

Up to date, over 2.9 million end-users from various markets across seven continents  connected to Growatt’s Online Smart Service System, showcases Growatt’s notable global footprints.

This strategic move has also positioned Growatt as a front-runner in the global energy storage market and have a wide adoption in developed countries and regions such as Australia, Europe, and the Americas.

This is evident from its ranking as the world’s leading supplier of storage hybrid inverters in 2021 and 2022, based on shipment performance data from Frost Sullivan and S&P Global Commodity Insights, respectively.

Capitalising on rising energy storage demand across the Asia-Pacific region after achieving solid 2023 results, Growatt continues to expand with an extensive proven product portfolio.

Australian attendees at the expo in March demonstrated substantial interest in Growatt’s Battery-Ready inverter, which seamlessly integrates with the latest APX HV Battery. Additionally, they expressed keen interest in the newly introduced commercial and industrial energy storage systems, as well as the comprehensive line-up of portable power stations. These diverse options cater precisely to the varied energy objectives of local investors.

This trend is further fuelled by state initiatives such as Queensland’s Battery Booster program and Victoria’s Solar Battery Loan scheme, highlighting the growing significance of household energy storage.

Among the company’s notable events in 2024, Growatt prominently showcased its latest residential and industrial storage solutions at Japan’s Smart Energy Week in Tokyo, spanning from February 28 to March 1.

Growatt also held large roadshows in Myanmar on March 1, with hundreds of attendants, and in Pakistan on February 27, forging strategic customer partnerships.

Growatt’s efforts in the Indian market have also garnered recognition, recently winning the coveted Inverter State Market Leader Award for outstanding contributions to the photovoltaic industry.

While strengthening its foothold in the Asia-Pacific region, Growatt continues solidifying its presence in Europe, a core market since the company’s founding. This robust European expansion demonstrates Growatt’s commitment to the region.

Notable events included the GENERA International Energy and Environment Exhibition in Madrid, where Growatt showcased its diverse portfolio of renewable solutions to support Spain’s energy transition. The company also highlighted its innovations at Italy’s KYB Energy expo.

Growatt’s energy storage solutions are particularly well-received by European clients, as storage plays an increasingly pivotal role in the region’s energy landscape. According to the European Commission, energy storage is a critical technology that provides the necessary flexibility, stability, and reliability for the future energy system.

With renewable energy estimated to account for approximately 69 per cent of the EU’s electricity by 2030 and 80 per cent by 2050, system flexibility is crucial. Growatt is well-positioned to capitalise on this growing market demand with its innovative storage offerings.

While solidifying its European footprint, Growatt is also turning its sights toward the Americas. This region represents another strategic market for the company’s 2024 expansion, with Growatt aiming to enhance its brand influence across both North and South America.

Growatt’s smart energy ecosystem. Image: Growatt

The company kicked off 2024 by exhibiting at the Intersolar North America event in San Diego, attracting strong interest with its solar and storage technology offerings. Other notable initiatives included product training sessions in Argentina and Colombia as Growatt empowers customers and partners across the continents.

Lisa Zhang, Vice President of Growatt’s marketing department said the company is forging ahead with a dual strategy – rapidly expanding its global footprint while delivering localised offerings through regional research, talent development, and tailored management.

“This synergy positions Growatt as a catalyst for accelerating renewable energy adoption worldwide,” Zhang said.

“2024 marks an inflection point for us, with an ambitious agenda encompassing over 200 global events, new product launches, and strategic partnerships. This highlights our intensified commitment to realising our global clean energy ambitions and solidifying our leadership in the renewable energy transformation.”

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