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CEC discusses Australia’s wind direction

The Australian Offshore Wind Taskforce, led by the Clean Energy Council (CEC), has conducted its inaugural in-person meeting in Melbourne, identifying different offshore wind energy options in Australia.

Comprising senior representatives from State and Federal Governments, developers, regulators, and energy commissioners, the taskforce aimed to coordinate and collaborate on substantial decarbonisation and economic opportunities presented by offshore wind in Australia.

Key priorities included establishing a clear structure and implementation pathway for a national coordination body and exploring the role of a national offshore wind target to support generation infrastructure. The taskforce sought to learn from experiences in other markets to maximise Australia’s strengths.

CEC’s Director of Offshore Wind Morgan Rossiter said the immense opportunities for offshore wind energy in Australia.

“The opportunities for offshore wind energy are immense, and it is critical that our resolve to deliver this critical aspect of Australia’s clean energy transformation is equally strong,” Rossiter said.

“While establishing a new industry poses many challenges, the Taskforce’s focus is on learning from the successes and missteps of other markets to maximise our strengths here in Australia.”

The taskforce’s work centred on increasing investor confidence, boosting long-term employment, strengthening supply chains, reducing environmental impacts, and empowering communities.

According to the CEC, offshore wind is seen as crucial for Australia’s decarbonisation, offering a higher capacity factor than onshore wind and economies of scale for large-scale projects close to major load centres.

The CEC stated it has been actively supporting the growth of offshore wind energy in Australia through strategic initiatives, including facilitating collaboration among industry stakeholders to address common challenges in planning, compliance, and the supply chain.

Additionally, the CEC is launching an information campaign to counter community opposition by providing evidence-based facts, specifically addressing concerns about visual and environmental impacts.

The taskforce planned to meet four more times in 2024 and aimed to deliver two position papers in December, further outlining their priorities.

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