Hawkesford Holdings Pty Ltd

Business Name: Hawkesford Holdings Pty Ltd
Business Category:
Region Covered: Australia;Western Australia;Finance
Long Business Description:

Dosh Finance has been involved in funding energy efficient solutions for over 2 years and has a strong desire to continue to support the adoption of sustainable energy efficient processes. We have the ability to review any funding proposal and will work to ensure all parties mutually benefit

Business Website Address: www.doshfinance.com.au
Business Phone Number: 0894361011
Business Contact Mobile: 0419944363
Business Address: 643 Newcastle Street
Business Suburb: Leederville
Business State: WA
Postcode/ZIP Code: 6007
Business Country: Australia
Business Contact First Name: Drewe
Business Contact Surname: Hawkesford
Business Contact Position: Director
Postal Address: 643 Newcastle Street
Postal Suburb: Leederville
Postal State: WA
Postal Postcode/ZIP Code: 6007