Engine Power Australia Pty Ltd

Business Name: Engine Power Australia Pty Ltd
Business Category:
Region Covered: Pacific Region;New Zealand;Australia
Long Business Description:

Engine Power Australia Pty Ltd is the authorised agent of Shengdong Engines in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.The range of engines/gensets include: natural gas, coal seam methane, biogas/biomass, low BTU gas and diesel.

Business Website Address: www.enginepoweraustralia.com
Business Phone Number: 07 3177 1040
Business Fax: 07 3200 3233
Business Contact Mobile: 0415 992 361
Business Address: 37/20 Ellerslie Road
Business Suburb: MEADOWBROOK
Business State: QLD
Postcode/ZIP Code: 4131
Business Country: Australia
Business Contact First Name: Abre
Business Contact Surname: de Villiers
Business Contact Position: CEO
Postal Address: PO BOX 4749
Postal Suburb: LOGANHOLME DC
Postal State: QLD
Postal Postcode/ZIP Code: 4129