Energy Intelligence & Marketing Research

Business Name: Energy Intelligence & Marketing Research
Region Covered: America;Middle East;Europe;Africa;Worldwide;Asia;New Zealand;Australia
Long Business Description:

Energy Intelligence & Marketing Research assists companies and organisations with energy training, event management and other consultancy requirements. We can provide specialist assistance concerning the use of biomass and solid waste fuels and especially related pulverised fuel and fluidised bed combustion systems.

Business Phone Number: 441912615274
Business Contact Mobile: +441912615274
Business Address: 192 Sandyford Road
Business Suburb: Newcastle upon Tyne
Business State: None
Postcode/ZIP Code: NE2 1RN
Business Country: United Kingdom
Business Contact First Name: Andrew
Business Contact Surname: Cox
Business Contact Position: Manager
Postal Address: 192 Sandyford Road
Postal Suburb: Newcastle upon Tyne
Postal State: None
Postal Postcode/ZIP Code: NE2 1RN