Climate Sense

Business Name: Climate Sense
Business Category:
Region Covered: Worldwide;Western Australia;South Australia;Northern Territory;Australian Capital Territory;Tasmania;Victoria;New South Wales;Queensland;Australia
Long Business Description:

Climate change policy; assess carbon emissions and intensity; NGERs reporting; assess biomass carbon issues, eg, sinks, sequestration; methane emissions esp at landfills; promote responsible, leastcost emissions abatement in Australia and world;

Business Phone Number: 02 9412 2313
Business Contact Mobile: 0428 976 450
Business Address: 20 Victoria Street
Business Suburb: ROSEVILLE
Business State: NSW
Postcode/ZIP Code: 2069
Business Country: Australia
Business Contact First Name: Harley
Business Contact Surname: Wright
Business Contact Position: Principal
Postal Address: 20 Victoria Street
Postal Suburb: ROSEVILLE
Postal State: NSW
Postal Postcode/ZIP Code: 2069