Zenergy Power Pty Ltd

Business Name: Zenergy Power Pty Ltd
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Region Covered: Asia;Pacific Region;New Zealand;Western Australia;South Australia;Northern Territory;Australian Capital Territory;Tasmania;Victoria;New South Wales;Queensland;Australia
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Zenergy Power is a global specialist manufacturer and developer of high efficiency industrial and renewable energy devices that employ superconductor technologies. Superconductors are near perfect conductors of electricity and hence have no electrical loss. Wherever electricity is generated, distributed and consumed, superconductors are the 21st century’s key technology for efficient, clean, economical and ultrapowerful solutions.

Business Website Address: www.zenergypower.com
Business Phone Number: 02 4227 6611
Business Fax: 02 4227 6644
Business Contact Mobile: 0447 660 049
Business Address: Suite 7, 1 Lowden Square
Business Suburb: WOLLONGONG
Business State: NSW
Postcode/ZIP Code: 2500
Business Country: Australia
Business Contact First Name: John
Business Contact Surname: Khoury
Business Contact Position: Sales & Marketing Manager
Postal Address: Suite 7, 1 Lowden Square
Postal Suburb: WOLLONGONG
Postal State: NSW
Postal Postcode/ZIP Code: 2500