PowerOne Energy Solutions Pty Ltd

Business Name: PowerOne Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
Business Category:
Region Covered: Asia;Pacific Region;Worldwide;New Zealand;Australia
Long Business Description:

PowerOne is one of the world’s ten largest providers of power conversion and management solutions, offering a diversified array of energysaving ‘green’ products.This includes grid connect inverters to facilitate harvesting clean power from the sun and wind.

Business Website Address: www.powerone.com
Business Phone Number: 02 9735 3111
Business Fax: 02 9763 2422
Business Contact Mobile: 0431 307 560
Business Address: Unit 23/1121 Underwood Road
Business Suburb: Homebush
Business State: NSW
Postcode/ZIP Code: 2140
Business Country: Australia
Business Contact First Name: Phillip
Business Contact Surname: Shepherd
Business Contact Position: Sales Manager
Postal Address: PO Box 6953
Postal Suburb: Silverwater BC
Postal State: NSW
Postal Postcode/ZIP Code: 1811