Olympus Australia Pty Ltd

Business Name: Olympus Australia Pty Ltd
Business Category:
Region Covered: New Zealand;Western Australia;South Australia;Northern Territory;Australian Capital Territory;Tasmania;Victoria;New South Wales;Queensland;Australia
Long Business Description:

Olympus Australia is supplier of inspection and maintenance systems equipment. The Olympus product range covers high quality optical, electrical and precision engineering products used in remote visual inspection and nondestructive testing. Olympus equipment is widely used in inspection and maintenance applications in the energy sector.

Business Website Address: www.olympusims.com
Business Phone Number: 03 9265 5467
Business Contact Mobile: 0438 040 171
Business Address: 31 Gilby Road
Business Suburb: Mount Waverley
Business State: VIC
Postcode/ZIP Code: 3149
Business Country: Australia
Business Contact First Name: Dorthe
Business Contact Surname: Svarrer
Business Contact Position: Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Postal Address: 31 Gilby Road
Postal Suburb: Mount Waverley
Postal State: VIC
Postal Postcode/ZIP Code: 3149