United-Kingdom-based renewable energy investment and asset management specialist Bluefield Partners will open their Blueshore headquarters in Sydney.

Blueshore managing director Mike Rand said the company has established its Australian base in Sydney to access strong opportunities in both solar and wind renewable energy markets, where it has seen a strong emergence of sector developers and investors.

“Australia is undergoing a dramatic energy transition as cost reductions have made renewable energy technologies a least cost source of generation. The economics and capabilities of this clean and efficient technology present a great opportunity for Australia, but it is critical to the sector’s future that asset operations are underpinned by strong professional management to secure the future quality and reliability of these assets,” said Rand.

“Blueshore has been founded on the strong reputation and track record of our European parent company, providing comprehensive asset management services for over AUD$1 billion of renewable assets, including a large portfolio traded on the London Stock Exchange. Blueshore aims to bring this professionalism and experience to support the growth and eventual dominance of clean renewable generation sources in the Australian energy mix.”

Rand said Blueshore is positioned to provide asset management services through the full lifecycle for renewable energy projects, from pre-construction review through to lifetime operation.

“This includes technical management, stakeholder management, interface with network service providers, regulatory compliance, national energy market participation, supervision of operations and management, engineering procurement, and health and safety and environmental compliance.

The company says it will see potential to grow its Sydney presence to around 20 staff over the next two to three years.