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Australia’s milestone in vehicle efficiency

The Federal Government is introducing legislation for a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard, which is aimed at reducing emissions from passenger and light commercial vehicles while providing more efficient vehicle options for consumers.

According to Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King and Federal Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen, the standard will decrease emissions from new passenger vehicles by more than 60 per cent by 2030 and roughly halve the emissions from new light commercial vehicles over the same period.

The Federal Government said it has consulted extensively with stakeholders over the past year, considering over 9000 submissions during the latest consultation period. Modifications to the original proposal include:

• reclassifying some off-road wagons from passenger cars to light commercial vehicles due to similarities with dual-cab utes
• smoothing the emissions trajectory for light commercial vehicles to align with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards
• adjusting weight-based emissions limits to account for heavier vehicles emitting more
• staging implementation, with the scheme commencing on January 1 2025 but manufacturers not earning credits or penalties until July 1 2025.

The Federal Government is also providing $60 million to boost electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure at Australian dealerships through the Driving the Nation fund to accelerate the transition.

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