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Australia’s “greenest” suburbs revealed

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A recent analysis has identified the top 10 ‘greenest’ suburbs across the country based on solar adoption between January 2020 and December 2023.

The analysis from Solar Run, a renewable energy advocate and provider, found Tarneit, Victoria, has emerged as the frontrunner with an impressive 2177 solar installations.

The data, sourced from the Clean Energy Council (CEC), showcases a significant uptake in renewable energy at the community level.

Queensland has made a strong showing in the rankings, with Bundaberg region’s Winfield boasting 1735 installations. Caloundra and Mackay have also become solar powerhouses with installations in the thousands.

Other notable entries in the top 10 include Roxburgh Park (Victoria) and Maryborough (Queensland), with 1475 and 1466 installations respectively. Kellyville in NSW rounds out the list with 1442 installations, highlighting the widespread adoption of solar power across different states.

Anthony Kurta, Managing Director and CEO of Solar Run,  said these findings are a testament to the growing momentum of renewable energy across Australia.

“Communities are increasingly recognising the benefits of solar power, not just for the environment but also for economic resilience,” he said.

The surge in solar adoption is not just an environmental trend but also a response to economic pressures.

Glen Ollerton, Director at MDP Architecture, said that rising energy costs are prompting homeowners to seek sustainable solutions.

“Clients are now asking, How can we reduce our energy bills? That is often the question that opens the door about sustainability and what it means to them and the environment,” Ollerton said.

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