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Austrade launches directory to attract clean energy investments

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) has launched the Australian Clean Energy Equipment, Technology and Services Capability Directory, inviting international partners to invest in the country’s burgeoning renewable energy sector.

This Clean Energy Equipment, Technology and Services Capability Directory offers an overview of Australian innovation, products, and services across solar, wind, wave, energy storage, grids and behind the meter, carbon capture, utilisation and storage as well as bioenergy and waste from energy sectors.

The Australian government is positioning the nation as a potential “renewable energy superpower,” leveraging its significant strides in the industry.

Australia’s clean energy potential is driven by several key factors: an abundance of high-quality renewable resources, a highly skilled workforce, cutting-edge research and development capabilities, robust international trade relationships, a stable investment climate, and substantial mineral resources essential for clean energy technologies.

The government is actively encouraging private investment through financial support, regulatory reforms, and infrastructure development.

One notable initiative is the Battery Breakthrough Initiative, which aims to advance battery and utility-scale energy storage.

In the bioenergy sector, Australia is harnessing its agricultural and forestry resources to produce sustainable aviation fuel and other low-carbon liquid fuels.

The government supports these efforts through certification schemes and innovation funds.

To download the report from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), visit Austrade’s website.

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