ATESS powers beverage factory

A renowned beverage factory nestled in the heart of South Africa has taken a pioneering leap towards sustainability by embracing solar energy to power its operations, ensuring uninterrupted production even during power shortages.

This factory has installed a 1.2MWp rooftop PV system with two sets of ATESS containerised energy storage systems that features three sets of ATESS PCS500 battery inverters and 15 sets of ATESS BR200R battery racks, totalling 3MWh.

As a result, this will provide uninterrupted and long-lasting power in a cost-effective way. From sourcing ingredients to bottling the favourite drinks in this factory, they are produced in a seamless and eco-friendly production line.

The initiative marks a significant stride towards a greener, low-carbon future for the beverage factory. By enhancing production efficiency and economic benefits while minimising environmental impact, the factory is aligning itself with the ongoing industrial upgrading efforts in South Africa.

Central to this groundbreaking endeavour is the ATESS Power Conversion System (PCS). Designed for medium to large-scale commercial and industrial applications, the ATESS PCS100-1000 bidirectional battery is revolutionising energy management in diverse settings, ranging from 100 kW to MW scale.

With up to 1MW per unit, paralleling multiple units can expand capacity to infinity in on-grid mode. The redundancy function ensures continuous operation even if one unit fails.

The peak shaving function achieves economical and efficient operation of the power system. The seamless on/off switch (≤ 10ms) guarantees uninterrupted load supply during grid failure.

For medium and large-scale commercial applications, ATESS’ AC coupling solution where PCS is integrated with PBD, bypass, and batteries supports on-grid PV system retrofit.

Meanwhile, in large-scale industrial applications, the DC coupling solution ensures zero-millisecond switchover time and high system stability, effectively addressing challenges associated with excessive inductive loads.

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