Twelve new large-scale solar PV plants are set to be constructed across Australia, tripling the amount of energy produced from big solar.

The 12 projects have been chosen as part of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) multi-million dollar large-scale solar round. They are expected to unlock almost $1 billion of commercial investment and boost regional Australian economies.

ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht said Australia’s big solar industry was coming of age thanks to ARENA support, ensuring large-scale solar was a competitive, sustainable energy option.

“ARENA is working to accelerate Australia’s shift to a sustainable, affordable and reliable energy future and our work supporting the development of Australia’s large-scale solar industry is central to this vision,” Frischknecht said.

“Six plants in Queensland, five plants in NSW and one plant in Western Australia are slated for funding, in a major milestone that’s expected to triple Australia’s large-scale solar capacity from 240 MW to 720 MW.

“They will provide enough energy to power 150,000 average Australian homes and deliver one tenth of the new capacity required to meet Australia’s 2020 renewable energy target.”

The plants could built by the end of next year, he said. “This is an aggressive timetable to lock in financing, off take arrangements, connection agreements and required approvals.”

The successful applicants are: