International solar power company Qcells has recently undergone a brand refresh and launched a new service by subsidiary Arcstream, offering integrated solar and battery storage and a matching Virtual Power Plant (VPP) plan.

Arcstream has been selected by the Victorian Government as an approved provider to offer a $4174 rebate to households as part of its Solar Homes pilot program.

“We know many local residents already see the benefit of owning their own solar and battery, but we also know that buying solar and storage and finding an energy plan that works for them can be incredibly overwhelming,” says Arcstream general manager of commercial operations Mick Fell.

“We want to provide an easy way for households to simplify the complexity of putting home renewable energy in place by offering an all-inclusive solution from a trusted and quality brand that matches their energy needs to their lifestyle, like a broadband or mobile phone plan.”

The two-year Solar Homes pilot program enables households with solar batteries to share their stored clean energy, and those who sign up to participate prior to 30 June, 2022, and install a battery will receive the $4174 rebate, subject to eligibility criteria.

Arcstream harnesses the power of Qcells’ globally recognised solar panels and recently launched battery technology, in partnership with Samsung SDI.

Its comprehensive monitoring system ensures any additional power used from the grid is offset by renewable energy.

The company also offers a 15-year battery warranty, fixed monthly costs and access to local technicians.