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APA Group opens mega remote solar farm

APA Group has officially opened the Dugald River Solar Farm (DRSF), Australia’s largest remote grid solar farm.

The 88-megawatt (MW) facility demonstrates APA’s commitment to investing in reliable, affordable, and lower emissions energy solutions for customers and the Mount Isa community.

The massive solar farm, covering an area 65 times larger than the Gabba playing field in Brisbane with its 184,000 panels, will provide solar energy firmed by gas from APA’s nearby Diamantina Power Station. It will support major resource companies MMG, Mount Isa Mines, and New Century with renewable power.

“Dugald River Solar Farm is a model for how the Australian resources sector can decarbonise,” Petrea Bradford, APA Group Executive of Operations said.

APA’s Dugald River Solar Farm. Image: APA

“APA has invested over $1 billion in energy assets in the North West Minerals Province, and we’re proud to continue delivering safe, reliable, and affordable energy to the region.”

The solar farm aligns with APA’s goal to reduce emissions intensity from its power generation infrastructure.

Bradford noted it exemplifies the company’s capabilities in delivering remote grid hybrid energy solutions, a strategy that presents significant growth opportunities as the company supports resource customers’ net zero ambitions.

With over $1 billion invested in the area, APA reinforced its commitment to the Mount Isa community through this major renewable energy project. The Dugald River Solar Farm demonstrates how integrated assets can provide decarbonisation pathways for the resources sector.

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