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ALDI solar light recalled for safety concerns

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has recalled the Casalux Solar LED Street Lights sold at ALDI due to potential hazards.

The ACCC has announced a recall for the Casalux Solar LED street light, a solar product prominently featured in ALDI stores as part of its Special Buys promotion.

The decision to recall stems from customer reports raising safety concerns related to the internal batteries of the product.

According to the ACCC, incidents have been reported where the internal batteries of the Casalux Solar LED street light experienced overheating during the charging process, leading to instances of explosions, melting, and fires.

The ACCC has deemed this as a potential risk to consumers, prompting the regulatory body to take immediate action.

In a public statement, the ACCC cautioned, “The internal batteries on these units can overheat while charging, posing a risk of serious injury or death if they catch fire…so it is advised to stop use immediately”.

The affected product, identified by the model number WFD-SPL004, was available at ALDI stores nationwide as part of the Special Buys promotion between September 23 and October 27 this year.

Customers can locate the model number on the compliance label positioned under the solar panel.

In response to the recall, ALDI is urging consumers who purchased the Casalux Solar LED street lights within the specified timeframe to discontinue use immediately.

The company is facilitating a full refund for the recalled items, and affected consumers can return them to any ALDI store.

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