As the solar market shifts towards new cost-effective platforms offering extreme high-power string inverters from 1,000 VDC up to 1,500 VDC, ABB PVS-100/120 platform maximizes the ROI and aims to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs for installers and developers.

Suitable for both large-scale commercial and industrial ground mounted and rooftop applications, the PVS-100/120 offers a six-in-one, sun-to-socket solution, proven to deliver scalability, flexibility, proactive plant management and ease of installation.

According to ABB global product manager–string utility Marco Trova, the new PVS-100/120 string inverter range offers the ability to interact with the solar plant system like no other through high-power consolidation of physical parts and products along with digitalization.

Overall ABB says the new range of PVS-100/120 solar inverters optimises total cost of ownership, to include:

  • 50% reduction in installation and logistics costs as fewer inverters are required to complete the optimal power block and the PVS-100/120 brings to market a solution with the largest power capacity for 1,000 VDC string inverters.
  • Quick and improved user experience with fast installation, utilising the existing module’s mounting structure to install the inverter and therefore saving time and costs on logistics, training and site preparation. Installation is controlled and managed via the Installation Wizard, installer app and wireless access, thereby reducing installation time and improving overall user experience.

Smart product design features include secure access via a cover key, PV quick connectors and configuration via Wi-Fi to eliminate the risk of water ingress and further reduce the installation time for cabling, fuse and SPD checks.

  • Greater capacity without compromising on versatility through its Six MPPT input configuration, the highest available on the market, which increases PV plant design flexibility while preserving yields in complex installations. The design friendly inverter solutions can be easily adapted for any application in large commercial rooftops and free field ground-mounted installations ensuring that installers and developers are no longer locked into legacy systems.
  • Proactive control and management of the solar plant through ABB Ability with remote monitoring capabilities, parameter setting and firmware (FW) updates to improve reliability and operational cost efficiencies with reduced plant complexity.

The addition of ABB Ability further enables the delivery of monitoring upgrades and top-flight asset management to protect the customers’ investment over the total life of the plant through scalability. Full Sunspec compatibility further guarantees effortless integration with third party systems such as dataloggers and/or SCADA systems, amongst others.

  • Enhanced O&M can be achieved during the operating life of the plant through key features such as internal heavy-duty inverter cooling fans, which can be easily removed during scheduled maintenance cycles.

Component temperature control combined with the ability for horizontal and vertical mounting and fan speed modulation, increases the lifetime of the inverters and reduces self-consumption of the fan unit.

  • All-in-One Design with integrated string combiner box solutions with DC disconnect and AC wiring compartment, the PVS-100/120 promises to deliver costs savings as there is no need for a separate DC combiner box and less inverters are required to complete the optimal power block.

“The PVS-100/120 inverter range from ABB is already being installed on projects across the globe as more and more solar plants combine hardware with software solutions,” said Trova.