Mortlake South wind farm tender award announced

ACCIONA Energía will have a 157.5 MW wind farm under its ownership in Victoria following a tender award announced by the Victorian government. Mortlake South wind farm represents a capital expenditure of $288 million for ACCIONA with construction beginning in early...

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Sharing your meter data might help cut your power bill, but it needs secure regulation

We are now well and truly in the era of big data. Scandals such as Cambridge Analytica show that vast amounts of our personal data are being harvested for commercial gain and, worse still, nefarious purposes. Yet big data also provides exciting opportunities for...

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The power of consumer energy

ARENA has announced a major new initiative that will see the whole-of-the-energy industry working together to harness the potential of consumer owned energy. According to ARENA, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are the vast array of decentralised, consumer-owned...

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Abattoir powered by renewables to deliver Gladstone jobs

A high-tech abattoir in Gladstone will provide 95 hectares of solar panels, capable of generating 78 MW of electricity or almost one third of the sites total electricity needs. According to the QLD government they the abattoir will also deliver 308 construction and...

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Queensland Solar Farm Guidelines released at Risen Energy’s Yarranlea Solar Farm

The Queensland Government has released their Queensland Solar Farm Guidelines at Risen Energy’s Yarranlea Solar Farm. The Queensland Solar Farm Guidelines provide practical guidance for communities’ landowners and project proponents. “These guidelines are a clear...

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More power in the hands of Victorians

The clean energy industry is calling on all political parties to adopt policies that will provide certainty for continued investment in clean energy and put more power back in the hands of Victorians ahead of the upcoming state election. Clean Energy Council chief...

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Putting Australia ahead of the pack

The Clean Energy Council along with the Australian Industry Group, the Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association, CSIRO and the Smart Energy Council has released new lithium battery guidelines that will put Australia at the head of the pack on safety. The Best...

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Lighting the way from Australia to Nepal

Growing up in Nepal with limited electricity supply was the motivation for Diggaj Regmi to become an electrical engineer. In an interview with assertive marketing director Gerard McAllister, Diggaj discusses his role with Skillbuild and his plans to help Nepal with...

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Mount Emerald Wind Farm raises final turbine

Nineteen months after construction works kicked off, Ratch Australian Corporation has announced it has raised the last of 53 turbines at its 180MW Mount Emerald Wind Farm. This follows the $360 million project achieving “first generation” last month when several...

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World first Canberra technology

Canberra-based Reposit Power has been awarded the Sir William Hudson Award - the highest honour for a project awarded by Engineers Australia at a gala in Sydney recently. Reposit Power received the award in recognition of building a Virtual Power Plant in Canberra...

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Better visibility of renewable grid connections welcome

Energy Networks Australia has welcomed the decision to establish a register of rooftop solar and batter storage systems for the national electricity market. According to chief executive officer Andrew Dillon the new rules are vital to ensure network businesses could...

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Switching to renewable electricity could revive Australian manufacturing

Australian manufacturers could save up to 50% of their energy costs by switching to renewable electricity according to a new report released by Beyond Zero Emissions. The Electrifying Industry report also shows how Australian companies could become world leaders in...

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JinkoSolar ranked most bankable by BNEF

JinkoSolar has announced that the company has been named the most “bankable” PV manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) among 57 module brands. The rankings are based on BNEF’s global survey to key PV stakeholders on which module brands used in projects...

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At its current rate, Australia is on track for 50% renewable electricity in 2025

The Australian renewable energy industry will install more than 10 gigawatts of new solar and wind power during 2018 and 2019. If that rate is maintained, Australia would reach 50% renewables in 2025. The recent demise of the National Energy Guarantee saw the end of...

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Long-term picture looks pretty attractive for Jinko

JinkoSolar has announced that it has supplied 275.4 MWdc of high efficiency modules to Green Light Contractors for use in the Bungala Solar Farm near Port Augusta, South Australia, which is a joint venture between Enel Green Power and Dutch Infrastructure Fund. Green...

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Why splitting the energy and climate portfolios make sense

Scott Morrison has an honours degree in economic geography, and it shows. On Thursday the prime minister split apart the ministerial responsibilities for energy and climate, which were previously part of a united portfolio under Josh Frydenberg. The new federal...

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