EcoGen 2010 is set to be the clean energy event of the year, bringing together the highest levels of the clean energy industry, locally and internationally. Mr Schuck will be speaking between 1:30–3pm on Day Three of EcoGen 2010, 8 September.

Stephen Schuck, through his company Stephen Schuck and Associates, manages Bioenergy Australia, a government-industry alliance of some 89 organisations, fostering the development of biomass for heat, power, transportation fuels and other value added bio-based products.

Stephen is Australia’s representative on the Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency’s Bioenergy program. He has been involved in numerous bioenergy projects, including market entry and biofuels and bioelectricity studies. He co-authored the major report ‘Biomass Energy Production in Australia, status, costs and opportunities for major technologies’. He also recently completed a Bioenergy Industry Report for the Clean Energy Council and was also one of the contributors to the CEC Bioenergy Roadmap.

Stephen’s academic qualifications include a PhD, an MSc (Engineering) and an MBA (Technology Management).

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