Flicking the switch on peak days - Could it really change Australia’s energy future?

If energy users are offered incentives to switch off during those rare peak days the affect could be massive for the electricity network. Ecogeneration asked a panel of experts where the future lies for Australia’s energy future.

Business gets an energy rush

It took a while but the message has finally gotten through to business owners that they can cut costs and boost profits by investing in solar PV. But can Australia’s commercial and industrial solar installers keep up?

Record year of investment for renewable sector

Australia is on track to meet the 2020 Renbewable Energy target after a momentum picked up in 2017 and has looks set to reach a major milestone ahead of schedule.

Brewing by the sun

Independent craft brewery Stomping Ground Brewing Co. will become the first beer hall in Collingwood to be powered by the sun, joining a small but growing number of Victorian microbreweries installing solar panels.


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