Primed for Pumped Hydro

Pumped hydro could solve a lot of problems in the electricity market as variable renewable energy sources replace coal-fired generation. EcoGeneration asked a panel of experts how this massive form of storage can reshape the NEM and set us on track for a clean energy future.

The ups and downs of batteries

A trial of a virtual power plant by SA Power Networks has shown the possibilities and limitations of storage on residential solar PV systems, as distribution networks prepare for the challenge of rising renewables.

The towering power of energy savings schemes

The energy that would be saved if homes and businesses were prompted to upgrade their systems is enough to offset the closure of coal-fired power stations, writes Hamish McGovern.

Biogas plant bubbles back from the brink

It’s been a bit of a battle but biogas plant EarthPower is now making money and electricity. As landfill charges rise and parts of the operation are upgraded it is well placed to power ahead.


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