Surprising solutions, Hybrid systems rise to the challenge

It will take a masterful blend of renewable energy sources to slowly replace fossil fuels. Luckily, there are plenty of mature projects that show how technologies can work together to produce reliable supply. EcoGeneration looks at some recent success stories and at what’s in the pipeline, including a towering new entrant making its way to our shores.

The panel problem: high promises, low quality

Solar PV modules are going up in record numbers but they are still far from being a commodity. Dr Michelle McCann explains why it pays to be diligent about testing panels, no matter how ubiquitous they are.

Renewable energy salary survey

It’s a boom year for renewables but are pay packets managing to keep pace? Australia’s first national renewable energy salary survey takes a look at conditions across the industry.

Solar installer rates survey

Australians are mad for rooftop solar to ward off wild rises in energy bills, but are installers getting a fair income for all their hard work? Australia’s first national installer rates survey takes a look at how much the front line workers of renewable energy are taking home.


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