EVs power on

Electric vehicles still only represent a tiny part of the automotive market, but all that is expected to change in coming years. Keen EV rider Nigel Morris gives a personal view of the factors working for and against EVs in Australia.

House of Straw: Bioenergy on the Yorke Peninsula

The Yorke Biomass Energy project in South Australia is innovative in more ways that one – and could give a much-needed boost to a sluggish industry.

Giving Wind Farm Projects The Best Shot

Ensuring a wind farm is legally sound, communicating clearly with surrounding communities and developing a plan B in the event of a merits appeal are some of the ways in which developers can obtain approval for their projects.

5 Minutes With Heather Campbell

EcoGeneration talks to Heather Campbell, General Manager of Health, Safety and Environment at CSIRO and newly appointed Sustainability Victoria Chair.