Winding up at White Rock Wind Farm

The road to the RET is busy, with 35 projects underway around the country. Helen Roberts-Ferguson of contractor Zinfra shares some insights of how hard the work can be as the team nears completion of the White Rock Wind Farm in NSW.

Demand side switches on supply

The potential for electricity users to ease stress on the grid by turning down consumption during peak events is seen as an easy solution to our energy woes, writes Jeremy Chunn.

We want our grid back … the case to renationalise the NEM

Privatisation of swathes of the electricity grid have caused the market to distort and buckle to breaking point, a new paper finds. For prices to fall to acceptable levels and renewable energy generation to gain traction, the NEM needs to be renationalised. Jeremy Chunn reports.

Race to the bottom could drown installers

The industry will suffer if the working relationship between solar retailers and subcontractor installers is weak, write Leandro Caruso and Gareth Clarke of Cranfield Projects, especially when it comes to rates.


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