The Nation’s Blueprint for Energy

A week is a very long time in politics, so they say. In Australia, this can mean anything; even a new Prime Minister and what
appears to be a defunct policy like the NEG. But regardless of where the NEG sits on political agendas, the Finkel Report
and the ACCC recommendations still provide a blueprint for the nation’s electricity future. It’s now a case of where to from here? Kylie Field writes.

Going Underground

An EIS addressing the Exploratory Works’ environmental, social and economic impacts has been submitted to the NSW Government and will undergo comprehensive assessment as part of the planning and approvals process.

Grass Roots Community Engagement

Developing positive relationships with local communities is paramount to any renewables project. It requires open communication and transparency if the project is to be accepted by locals. At this year’s All-Energy Australia Exhibition and Conference, a panel discussion will be held on community engagement strategies when planning new projects’.

Creating the Digital Architecture

Ten years ago, as Australian demand for solar was increasing to unfathomable levels driven by high power prices, energy news coverage spoke of the fight for solar and renewables to be considered a viable source of generation in the energy mix. A decade later, and how the vernacular has shifted!


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