2018 The Year in Review

Innovation and technology are driving the renewables sector in Australia and in 2018 there have been some remarkable projects announced and completed.

Short-Circuiting the Voltage Problem

The hosting capacity of distribution networks for distributed energy resources (DERs) has become hotly contested. Do customers have the right to connect their new solar to the grid?

Inside Lithium Valley

Like Silicon Valley in California, Western Australia is on the cusp of creating a similar hub for Lithium-ion based batteries which could mean almost doubling the GDP of Australia and creating a new energy economy. Ecogeneration looks at what the forecast is for Lithium Valley and speaks to Lithium Australia’s managing director Adrian Griffin.

Down on the Farm

Farmers are constantly looking for ways to do things better. The innovative ways primary producers are making use of renewable energy means that growing food and raising animals will become both cheaper and cleaner, ensuring Australia remains a global leader in agriculture.


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