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The right mix: the hybrid solutions that take the element of surprise out of supply

It will take a masterful blend of renewable energy sources to slowly replace fossil fuels. Luckily, there are plenty of mature projects that show how technologies can work together to produce reliable supply. EcoGeneration looks at some recent success stories and at what’s in the pipeline, including a towering new entrant making its way to our shores.

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Major projects roundtable: Building Australia’s clean energy backbone

ROUNDTABLE | The renewable energy construction boom is upon us, with more than $7 billion in projects underway or about to start this year. EcoGeneration spoke with three of the biggest companies involved in building out the nation’s transition to clean energy – ACCIONA, RCR Tomlinson and Elecnor – about the task ahead.

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Industry roundtable: The forecast is for strong wind

ROUNDTABLE | Wind energy is an abundant resource in Australia but expansion in projects has been limited over recent years. As costs fall and the air is slowly cleared on policy, the wind sector is set for strong growth. EcoGeneration asked four industry experts about their projections and concerns as the 2020 renewable energy target comes across the horizon.

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