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Solar PV and wind are on track to replace all coal, oil and gas within two decades

Solar photovoltaic and wind power are rapidly getting cheaper and more abundant – so much so that they are on track to entirely supplant fossil fuels worldwide within two decades, with the time frame depending mostly on politics. The protestation from some politicians that we need to build new coal stations sounds rather quaint. The reality is that the rising tide of solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind energy offers our only realistic chance of avoiding dangerous climate change. No other greenhouse solution comes close, and it is very hard to envision any timely response to climate change that does...

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Setting a new standard in microinverters

APsystems was founded in Silicon Valley in 2009 and is now a global leader in advanced solar microinverter technology. APsystems presence is rapidly growing across the globe serving customers in more than 70 countries with offices in China, Europe, USA, Australia and South America. In an exclusive interview with Ecogeneration, managing director Oliver Jacques discusses the new YC600 and why it sets a new standard in microinverters. Why have you decided to bring the YC600 to the Australian market? Australia is one of the top PV residential markets. The regulatory requires advanced grid functions like the Reactive Power Control...

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Tumbling Costs for Wind, Solar, Batteries Are Squeezing Fossil Fuels

Latest BNEF study of comparative costs worldwide shows an 18% improvement in the competitiveness of onshore wind and solar in the last year, and new and rapidly developing roles for batteries. According to BNEF research coal and gas are facing a mounting threat to their position in the world’s electricity generation mix, as a result of the spectacular reductions in cost not just for wind and solar technologies, but also for batteries. BNEF’s latest report on the levelised costs of electricity, or LCOE, for all the leading technologies finds that fossil fuel power is facing an unprecedented challenge in...

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Big deal for global solar supply

JinkoSolar has announced it has signed a 2750 MW solar panel supply deal with NextEra Energy making it the largest single solar panel supply deal in recent times. NextEra Energy operates approximately 47,000 megawatts of net generating capacity and employs approximately 14,000 people in 33 states in Canada and the United States, with plans to own 7000 MW of solar and wind generation capacity between 2017 and 2020. The between Jinko and NextEra Energy will further enhance the position of both parties in the solar industry and according to Jinko will lead to lower costs in production and greater...

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The pro-coal ‘Monash Forum’ may do little but blacken the name of a revered Australian

The coal industry has a new voice in parliament, in the form of the so-called Monash Forum – an informal government faction featuring former prime minister Tony Abbott and backbench energy committee chair Craig Kelly. The group, which also reportedly contains former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce alongside as many as 11 of his Nationals colleagues, is agitating for the government to go beyond its current energy policy and build a taxpayer-funded coal power station. As several commentators have pointed out, the move is a calculated push by the usual backbench suspects to put pressure on Prime Minister Malcolm...

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