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Partnership to develop energy storage solutions

Archer Exploration and the UNSW have announced a partnership to develop Archer’s graphite and graphene materials for use in energy storage applications targeting lithium-ion batteries and potentially generating technologies and patent with commercial applications in reliable energy. Archer Exploration CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said: “Archer now enjoys a unique relationship with UNSW and facilities within the University including those in the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre. The centre comprises AUD$100 million characterisation equipment, managed by over 80 instrument scientists ready to engage and drive research projects within Archer.” “The Centre has a broad range of capabilities that fulfil our aims...

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NEG worse than doing nothing

New data has revealed that Australia’s power sector would be more polluting under Malcolm Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee than if the government did nothing at all. This comes on the back of the latest Renewable Energy Index (REI) complied by the Green Energy Market and funded by GetUp. GetUp say that economic modelling from Frontier Economics shows from 2017 onward Australia needs to install 9,271 megawatts of wind and solar to achieve the government’s 2030 emissions reduction target. Yet Australia already has 9,691 megawatts of clean energy locked in through projects already under construction or being procured. GetUp energy...

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Not so fast: why the electric vehicle revolution will bring problems of its own

After years of being derided as a joke by car manufacturers and the public, interest in electric vehicles has increased sharply as governments around the world move to ban petrol and diesel cars. We have seen a tremendous rise in availability, especially at the premium end of the market, where Tesla is giving established brands a run for their money. Electric cars are likely to penetrate the rest of the market quickly too. Prices should be on par with conventional cars by 2025. Electric cars are praised as the answer to questions of green and clean mobility. But the...

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2017 Global Solar Inverter Ranking: String Inverters overtake Central Inverters for first time

GTM Research has released its report on global solar inverter market shares and shipments in 2017, and found the top 10 solar inverter vendors in 2017 are: Huawei (26.4%), Sungrow (16.7%), SMA (8.7%), ABB (5.6%), Sineng (4.6%), TBEA SunOasis (3.9%), Power Electronics (2.9%), TMEIC (2.8%), Schneider Electric (2.6%), and SolarEdge Technologies (2.5%). During 2017, a record 98.563 GW of solar inverters were shipped around the world, which is a 23% growth compared with 2016. The top-20 vendors shipped over 1 GW of products, accounting for 93% of global shipments, the highest since GTM began to keep track in 2010....

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‘Renewable energy breeding’ can stop Australia blowing the carbon budget – if we’re quick

Moving to a future powered mainly by renewable energy will be crucial if we are to stay within the global warming limits set out by the Paris Agreement. But building all of this new renewable energy will initially require fossil fuels to help power all of the necessary mining, construction and decommissioning. This raises the question as to whether the energy transition itself will be pointless. But new research by a group at UNSW (Bahareh Sara Howard, Nick Hamilton, Tommy Wiedmann and myself) shows that it is theoretically possible for Australia to move to a renewable energy future without...

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